Story Update: Tennessee Titans Not Actively Shopping Superstar

After trading away A.J. Brown during the 2022 NFL Draft and falling apart during the season, watching the Jacksonville Jaguars take the AFC South crown from under them, the Tennessee Titans now have some massive decisions to make this off-season.

This past week, rumours began circulating that they began actively shopping superstar running back Derrick Henry, who has been one of the leagues best players in recent years, but yesterday, it was confirmed that this isn't the case.

If the Titans want to blow it up completely and rebuild with as many assets as possible, this is certainly a route they can go, but with reported interest in bringing back veteran Ryan Tannehill, that's the unlikely way for them to proceed, especially in a winnable AFC South, so this latest report certainly makes sense.

Photo Credit: Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK