The Crazy Story Behind Kansas City Chiefs' Superfan/Criminal '"Chiefsaholic"

Xaviar Babudar, better known as Chiefsaholic, was once a beloved superfan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

He was known for wearing a full wolf costume to games, which made him hard to miss. However, his story took a dark turn when it was revealed a few months ago that Chiefsaholic funded his trips to games by robbing banks in the same mask he wore to games.

On Friday, December 18, two days before the Chiefs took on the Houston Texans in Texas, Chiefsaholic was arrested in Texas following his robbery of a bank at gunpoint.

Chiefs fans noticing Babudar's absence at the game, called the police, not knowing his actual name, only his Chiefsaholic one, wanting to report that he had gone missing and that they were worried about him.

Authorities announced that they had apprehended Chiefsaholic for armed bank robbery and he was currently sitting in a jail cell with a $200,000 bond, which was later lowered to $80,000.

Going back through some of Chiefsaholic's old tweets, since deleted, the writing was on the wall.

A Twitter user once talked some smack to Chiefsaholic, to which he replied "unfollow then homie, nobody is holding u at gun point."

A pretty common saying of course, however, it's a little different now that we know it's coming from an armed bank robber, who has experience doing just that.

Despite making bail shortly after the Super Bowl, thanks to some smart betting on the Chiefs to win, Babudar's situation only continued to spiral out of control.

On his personal Twitter account, he posted a video featuring his wolf mask edited over the face of rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine in a clip from his "GOOBA" music video. The video included lyrics that said, "You're mad I'm back, big mad / He's mad, she's mad, big sad / Haha, don't care, stay mad," along with a shot of Babudar displaying his ankle monitor.

Babudar also shared betting tickets showing that he had bet $5,000 on Mahomes to win NFL MVP at 9-to-1 odds and another $5,000 on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl at 10-to-1 odds.

He had reportedly come into around $110,000 in cash from the recent bets, hence why he was able to make bail.

In another one of his social media posts, Babudar showed off a $30,000 painting of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He apparently attended a charity gala of Mahomes, which is where he acquired the painting.

Chiefsaholic was known for frequently posting slips of his bets, worth thousands of dollars, leading many fans to question how he could afford such an extravagant lifestyle.

Chiefsaholic tweeted a response to such a question, saying "I make a good living, plus I hustle in private. House money I'm playing with TBH (to be honest)." We now know that most, probably all, of his money did not come honestly.

Things then took an even more interesting turn when Babudar removed his ankle monitor and failed to show up for his court date, adding to his already growing list of charges.

The Tulsa County District Attorney's Office plans to add a felony charge for the ankle monitor, which was found in a field near Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa. With a $1 million bond warrant for his arrest, Babudar remains on the run from the law.

Babudar's love for the Chiefs may have driven him to desperate measures, or maybe he just likes the thrill of the chase. It's not clear why he would risk it all for a few thousand dollars from a bank robbery.

However, his alleged victim, bank teller Payton Garcia, is not a fan.

Garcia expressed her shock and dismay that Babudar was allowed to make bail after robbing her at gunpoint, saying "that day changed my life. I have never feared for my life like that before." 

It's a sticky situation, but one thing is for sure - Babudar is currently on the run from the law, and it remains to be seen whether he'll be caught and brought to justice.

Despite the serious charges against him, Babudar's online following is still buzzing about the incident.

Chiefs fans are undoubtedly disappointed to hear the news about their former beloved superfan Chiefsaholic.

Nevertheless, Babudar's passion for the Chiefs will always be remembered, even if it was ultimately his undoing.