Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin Confirms Plans For Future Football Career

Damar Hamlin's potential return to the NFL after suffering a cardiac arrest during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals in January is a remarkable and inspiring feat.

Despite the seriousness of his medical emergency, Hamlin has shown an unwavering determination to get back on the field. Since being discharged from the hospital on January 11, he has been privately rehabilitating, with his sights set on a return to football.

The Buffalo Bills, Hamlin's team, have been supportive throughout his recovery, prioritizing his health and welfare above all else. Head coach Sean McDermott has confirmed that the team has discussed the mental and emotional aspects of Hamlin's potential return and is committed to supporting him in any way they can.

Hamlin's recovery appears to be going well, and he is focused and determined to play again. According to Brandon Bean, the Bills' general manager, Hamlin has just one more visit left before his clearance process is complete, likely sometime in April. While he still has several clearance steps to work through, the fact that he is discussing a return to football just a couple of months after a life-threatening event is extremely encouraging.

If Hamlin does return to action in 2023, he would likely serve as a backup safety for the Bills behind Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde, though any potential restrictions on his playing time remain unclear.

Regardless of his role on the team, Hamlin's determination to overcome the obstacles in his path and return to the sport he loves is truly admirable and unprecedented in such a case. Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports