Buffalo Bills Sign Kicker To Big Extension

The Buffalo Bills are locking the youngster up.

Kicker Tyler Bass has agreed to a four-year extension with the Buffalo Bills that could be worth up to $21 million, with $12.9 million of it guaranteed.

The 26-year-old has spent his entire professional career in Buffalo and has established himself as one of the most precise kickers in the league, with accuracy rates of over 87% in each of the past two seasons.

Despite not having the strongest leg, Bass's ability to maintain a high level of accuracy, even in challenging weather conditions, has made him a valuable asset to the Bills as they aim for a Super Bowl victory.

The extension is a clear indication of the Bills' confidence in Bass and their commitment to keeping him on their roster for the long term.

As kickers are often called upon to make clutch kicks in pressure situations, having a reliable kicker like Bass can make a huge difference in close games. We saw the other end of it last season too, when Brett Maher of the Dallas Cowboys struggled and missed some pretty important kicks in the final games.

The significant guaranteed payout in his contract extension also shows that the Bills recognize the importance of having a reliable kicker on their team. Overall, the extension is well-deserved for Bass, and it's a great move for the Bills to secure such a talented and dependable player for the future. Photo Credit: JAMIE GERMANO / USA TODAY NETWORK