Detroit Lions Running Back Takes Big Shot At Former Team


The Detroit Lions had a fantastic off-season in 2023 as they looked to build on a very promising 2022 campaign that saw them fall just one game short of a playoff berth, and one of their best pickups thus far was former Chicago Bears running back David Montgomery.

Unfortunately, Montgomery revealed that he didn't enjoy too much of his time with the Bears, saying that all the losing he endured during that tenure "sucked the fun out of the game", which could be understandable, given that they failed to make the playoffs at all during his time. 

Now, Montgomery has found himself with an NFC North rival, who have experienced plenty of losing over the past two decades, but with a rejuvenated roster and a fantastic young coach, it appears this is a team on the rise that could see success for a long time to come. 

Photo Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports