Report: Location Of 2025 NFL Draft Officially Announced

Years ago, the NFL Draft was purely about young men making their dreams come true by being drafted to the NFL, and while that is still the focus of the draft, it's shifted to something entirely else, as it has become a spectator event like no other on the North American sports calendar.

The event was once again a huge hit in 2023 as Kansas City played host to 312,000 people over the three days, and while it's never going to be as big as the NFL season, the league has done an incredible job of staying relevant all throughout the off-season.

With the 2024 NFL Draft being hosted in Detroit, the NFL have now announced that Green Bay, Wisconsin, the home of the famous Green Bay Packers will be hosting the 2025 NFL Draft, and with the passion of their fans and all NFL fans, it should once again be a spectacular event. 

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports