Saints Bring In Disgraced Former Coach To Help With Integration Of QB Derek Carr

Former NFL head coach Jon Gruden, who resigned amidst controversy in 2021, has resurfaced in the league.

Reports suggest that Gruden recently visited the New Orleans Saints to assist with the installation of their offense, working alongside quarterback Derek Carr. Gruden's visit can be seen as a potential trial balloon to test the possibility of his comeback, despite the circumstances that led to his resignation.

The offensive expertise and familiarity between Gruden and Carr, who played together during Gruden's tenure with the Las Vegas Raiders, make their collaboration logical from a football perspective.

The Saints, under head coach Sean Payton, are implementing an offense that shares similarities with the West Coast system that Gruden has experience with. Carr, who signed with the Saints in the offseason, has expressed comfort with the offense and believes his previous experience will aid in the transition.

While Gruden's visit to the Saints does not signify a formal employment or full-time role, it does raise speculation about the potential for him to return to coaching in a subordinate capacity.

However, given the controversy surrounding Gruden's resignation due to leaked emails containing inappropriate language, it remains uncertain if any NFL team would be willing to hire him in the future.

The situation surrounding Gruden and his desire to continue working in football will continue to attract attention and scrutiny. Photo Credit:  Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports