Top Three Landing Spots For Superstar Wide Receiver


Earlier today, the Arizona Cardinals made the shocking move to release All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins after rumours swirled all off-season long about a potential trade, and now, it allows one of the best receivers of this generation to make his own mind up about his future.

After spending his career with the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals, neither of whom became genuine Super Bowl contenders during his time, there will be plenty of teams after his signature, ones that have a chance at winning a Championship, so where exactly should D-Hop end up in the coming weeks?

Baltimore Ravens

While the Baltimore Ravens haven't prioritized the wide receiver position in recent years, it appears they've changed their tune following the contract extension of Lamar Jackson, and after adding Odell Beckham, bringing in Hopkins would be a great move.

With Mark Andrews, a solid running back group and a fantastic defence led by an elite linebacker core, this team ticks every one of Hopkins desires in a new team, and it would make them an elite contender in a crowded AFC. 

Kansas City Chiefs 

This is an obvious one, as Kansas City have the best offence in the entire NFL, and after letting free agent Juju Smith-Schuster walk, there's plenty of touches available for the Chiefs, and no one would be better equipped to fill the role than a former All-Pro.

The salary cap as it stands may prevent this from happening, but if the Chiefs could get creative and move off a few pieces, he could be the threat they need to win back-to-back Championships in 2023 and 2024. 

Buffalo Bills

When Hopkins was asked about teams he wants to play for a few months ago, it was the Buffalo Bills that elicited the biggest response, and with an elite Quarterback and wide receiver duo already, this would be a fantastic pairing. 

If there were elite teams in the NFC, it would make most sense for Hopkins to stay there, but with Buffalo having elite players at almost every position, as well as sustained regular season success, so this may be one of his best chances to win a Super Bowl. 

Photo Credit: Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK