Atlanta Falcons Lose Running Back After Season-Ending Injury

Atlanta Falcons running back and return specialist Avery Williams is facing a major setback for the upcoming 2023 season.

During a practice session last week, Williams suffered a torn ACL, which is expected to sideline him for the entire season. The devastating injury has put the Falcons in a position where they need to find a capable replacement for his crucial role in the return game.

Williams, known for his versatility, showcased his skills in multiple areas last season. As a running back, he made an impact with 22 rushes for 109 yards and a touchdown.

He also displayed his receiving ability, contributing 13 receptions for 61 yards. However, it was in the return game where the 24-year-old truly shined.

With his explosive speed and agility, Williams emerged as a standout return specialist. He made a significant impact on special teams, accumulating 18 punt returns for 292 yards, leading the league with an impressive average of 16.2 yards per return.

Additionally, he showcased his skills on kickoff returns, amassing 313 yards on 16 attempts.

Head coach Arthur Smith acknowledged the void that Williams' absence will create and expressed the need to find a suitable replacement. One potential candidate to fill the critical return role could be Cordarrelle Patterson, who has also demonstrated his prowess in the return game in the past.

As the Falcons regroup and adjust their strategies for the 2023 season, they will undoubtedly miss the dynamic abilities and playmaking of Avery Williams.

The team will need to rely on the depth of their roster to find a player capable of filling his shoes and contributing effectively in both the running game and return game. Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports