Atlanta Falcons Reveal Role For Cordarrelle Patterson In 2023

The Atlanta Falcons have undergone some changes in their offensive strategy for the upcoming 2023 NFL season.

Cordarrelle Patterson, who had a successful debut season with the team in 2021, showcased his versatility as both a receiver and a running back.

However, in 2022, Patterson took on a larger rushing role, leading to a decline in his productivity as a pass-catcher.

Heading into the new season, the Falcons have expressed a desire to return Patterson to his 2021 role, especially with the addition of running backs Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier to the roster.

While Robinson and Allgeier are expected to handle the majority of the rushing duties, the team still values Patterson's skills and intends to involve him as a pass-catching option.

The Falcons recognize Patterson's exceptional playmaking abilities and plan to get him the ball in open space, utilizing his pass-catching skills.

Coach Arthur Smith has mentioned the possibility of using Patterson in various roles, including working with tight ends, wide receivers, and running backs.

Despite the changes in the running back pecking order, the Falcons see Patterson as a valuable asset and intend to incorporate him alongside Robinson in the passing game.

While the exact outcome and distribution of playing time among the running backs remain uncertain, the Falcons' goal is to maximize Patterson's involvement in the passing game and take advantage of his skill set.

As the season progresses, it will become clearer how the team will utilize Patterson's abilities and how his role will unfold within the offense. Photo Credit:  Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports