Cleveland Browns Rumors: Team To Add Another Running Back

The Cleveland Browns, led by their standout running back Nick Chubb, had an underwhelming season in 2022 with Chubb's career-best 1,500 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns being one of the lone bright spots.

However, concerns about the depth behind Chubb have prompted the team to explore options for strengthening their running back corps.

While they are not actively pursuing big-name backs like Ezekiel Elliott or Dalvin Cook, the Browns are seeking a reliable and affordable complement who can handle a significant role if needed.

Jerome Ford, a second-year back, is viewed as a promising candidate for an expanded role within the team.

Despite his limited opportunities in his rookie season, the Browns have confidence in Ford's potential, particularly in the passing game.

The team also intends to involve Chubb more in the passing attack. While the possibility of adding a veteran running back remains, the Browns prioritize finding a suitable backup option who can provide depth and support to Chubb, rather than assuming a primary role.

Overall, the team is optimistic about their running back options heading into the upcoming season, focusing on securing a complementary piece to further enhance their backfield prowess. Photo Credit: Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK