Kansas City Chiefs Superstar Calls Out Fierce AFC Rival


While the Kansas City Chiefs have built up some big rivalries with the Chargers, Broncos and Raiders in their division over their time in the NFL, but in recent years under Patrick Mahomes, there's been no bigger rival than Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals, the team they've faced off against multiple times in the AFC Championship Game.

Despite the Chiefs two Super Bowl rings and recent win over Cincinnati, it appears the team still don't have respect for him, as wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase continued talking trash about the star QB, answering a question recently with 'Pat who?'

Now, superstar tight end Travis Kelce has taken aim at the star wide receiver, saying "Don't you ever disrespect Patrick Mahomes, if you wanna talk s**t, talk s**t, but you better back it up now", and given how lofty the expectations are for these teams again, there's no doubting they will meet again with massive stakes as the rivalry continues to build. 

Photo Credit: Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports