New York Jets QB Makes Confident Statement On Two Star Teammates

The New York Jets made no secret of their goals heading into the 2023 season after they landed four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers, but it's their young core that's finally giving Jets fans hopes that they could become a key contender going forward.

Apparently Rodgers feels the same as well, as he told media recently that he feels this team will have not only the best cornerback in the league (Gardner), but also the best wide receiver (Wilson), and after impressive, award winning rookie campaigns, it's tough to argue. 

If the Jets are to become Super Bowl contenders, both Wilson and Gardner will need to be among the best players on the team, and given what they showed last year with dreadful QB play, there's plenty of optimism around the team with the addition of A-Rod. 

Photo Credit: Chris Pedota, / USA TODAY NETWORK