Report: AFC Team Declare That They Don't Want HBO Hard Knocks


The NFL off-season is cooling down now after yet another few months full of chaos and shocks, but one thing the NFL surprisingly haven't accomplished is finding a team for the 2023 version of their fantastic HBO series 'Hard Knocks'.

Usually, the team is selected by now and filming has begun, but it appears that no one is looking to be on the show this year, as New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh has declared that the team do not want to feature on the show this year, despite the intriguing additions this off-season, most notably four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Unfortunately for New York, the league can force any team to appear on the show, and with four teams eligible this off-season (Jets, Bears, Saints, Commanders), someone is going to get the assignment, a decision on which is likely to occur very soon. 

Photo Credit: Chris Pedota, / USA TODAY NETWORK