UPDATE: Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver May Still Face Charges

It appears Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill isn't out of hot water quite yet. A report from the Miami-Dade Police has new details regarding the altercation between the seven-time Pro Bowler and an employee of a fishing charter boat, and the alleged victim evidently intends to pursue charges.

According to NBC 6 South Florida's Monica Galarza, Hill is alleged to have slapped a man on the back of the neck following an argument, at which point the man was pushed away by someone accompanying Hill. The man then charged Hill's party and was restrained. Surveillance video of the incident is available but has not yet been released.

Reports yesterday indicated the Miami-Dade police had concluded their investigation, but any attempt to pursue charges by the alleged victim will complicate matters for Hill, who has a long, uncomfortable history with violence dating back to college. Hill was dismissed from Oklahoma State in 2014 after being arrested for domestic violence involving his then-pregnant girlfriend, Crystal Epsinal. He eventually pleaded guilty to charges of domestic assault and strangulation. 

Hill's troubles have also followed him into the NFL. In 2019, he was investigated for child abuse, which led to the release of a troubling recording in which Hill threatened the child's mother, Espinal. Medical evaluations eventually indicated a broken arm suffered by the child was most likely the result of an accidental fall, and Hill was not charged.

As described, Hill's most recent brush with the law isn't particularly alarming. Worst case scenario, whatever culpability he has (if any) will fade from memory after he reaches a settlement out of court. Barring more unseemly details or the NFL electing to make an example of a player with a particularly dark history, Hill's 2023 season will probably go off without a hitch.

Photo Credit: © Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports