Former NFL QB Michael Vick Offers Advice To Tua Tagovailoa

During an appearance on Tyreek Hill's "It Needed to Be Said" podcast, former NFL star Michael Vick offered valuable advice to Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, addressing concerns about his health and injury history.

Vick stressed the significance of Tagovailoa building up his physique and gaining strength to endure the physical demands of the game.

By adding 10 to 15 pounds, Vick believed that Tagovailoa would be better equipped to withstand hits and reduce the risk of injuries, thus safeguarding his long-term well-being.

While acknowledging Tagovailoa's remarkable accuracy as a passer, Vick refrained from proclaiming him the most accurate quarterback in the league.

Instead, he lauded Tagovailoa's ability to consistently deliver catchable passes with precision and praised his college performance, where he showcased exceptional ball placement. This precision allowed receivers to maintain their momentum and stride, contributing to Tagovailoa's reputation as a talented quarterback.

Tagovailoa has taken Vick's advice to heart and has reportedly been actively working on adding size and strength during the offseason.

In addition, he has pursued jiu-jitsu training to learn techniques for falling safely and prevent further head injuries. These efforts demonstrate Tagovailoa's dedication to improving his physicality and protecting himself on the field.

With Tagovailoa's potential and the improvements he has made, Vick expressed optimism about his prospects for the upcoming season. Vick emphasized the importance of Tagovailoa staying healthy and being available to lead the Dolphins to success in a challenging division. Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports