Giants QB Daniel Jones' CRAZY Original Salary Asking Price Revealed

Quarterback Daniel Jones recently underwent contract negotiations with the New York Giants, aiming for a substantial increase in salary.

After hiring new representation, reports initially suggested that Jones's agents were targeting a contract worth "$45 million per year, or more." However, further details revealed that they eventually requested $47 million annually.

Ultimately, Jones secured a deal worth $40 million per year, placing him among the top quarterbacks in the league.

While some may consider the $40 million figure to be high, which it obviously is, it's essential to understand the dynamics of negotiation.

The Giants likely started with a lower offer, potentially around $33 million per year, and the final agreement reached a point that satisfied both parties. Jones's contract now ranks him tied for ninth among all quarterbacks for the next three years, with a $12 million per year gap compared to the highest-paid quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

Notably, the contract includes a team-held option for the fourth year, which would pay $47.5 million based on the Giants' evaluation of its value in the future.

Overall, this negotiated deal reflects the ongoing market expansion and the projected growth of the salary cap. Jones's contract aligns with his position in the quarterback market and allows for potential adjustments based on evolving market dynamics.

With the fourth-year option, both Jones and the Giants have a chance to reassess the contract's value in the future, considering the changing landscape of the NFL. Photo Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports