NFL Rumors: Analyst Predicts One Chiefs Player Has "Bust Potential"

Donovan Smith, the recently acquired offensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs, finds himself under scrutiny as a potential bust candidate heading into the 2023 season.

Analysts, including Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report, have raised concerns about Smith's ability to effectively protect quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Despite his experience as a full-time starter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Smith's performance in the previous season has raised doubts about his effectiveness in his new role.

In 2022, Smith struggled, giving up six sacks and drawing 12 penalties in just 13 games played.

Transitioning from protecting the seasoned pocket passer Tom Brady to safeguarding the dynamic and improvisational Mahomes presents a significant challenge.

The pressure is on Smith to adapt and perform at a high level, as the Chiefs aim to secure back-to-back championships.

If Smith fails to meet expectations, it could have implications for the team's offensive line and hinder their offensive prowess. All eyes will be on Smith as the season unfolds to see if he can prove the skeptics wrong and live up to the Chiefs' expectations. Photo Credit: Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports