Tampa Bay Buccaneers Star Suggests NFL Make A Big Change


The NFL has made plenty of changes over the past few years in order to improve the league for the better, including adding another game onto the schedule, and while it's no doubt brought in much more money for the league, the players have had some pushback on the issue.

While pushback may not be the correct term for all of them, there are players out there that have suggested alternatives, especially with the increased Thursday Night Football, and in a recent interview, Buccaneers star Tristan Wirfs had a suggestion to help the issue.

Wirfs stated that the league should look into a second bye for every team, and while it would need to extend the season another week, taking a week from pre-season would help in a big way, and giving players more rest could be a good move, but it's highly unlikely to happen anytime soon. 

Photo Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports