New York Jets QB Feeds Into Interesting Trade Rumours


The New York Jets have made some big splashes over the past 18 months, setting them up for big success in 2023, but if the latest trade rumours are anything to go by, they may not quite be done with the big moves.

Recent rumours have surfaced that the team could look into a blockbuster deal for Aaron Rodgers old offensive tackle David Bakhtiari, and now, Rodgers has fed into those rumblings with a recent Instagram story that seems to sneakily tag the star offensive tackle. 

It's unclear at this point whether there is any credence to the rumours, but it appears A-Rod continues to have fun in New York by feeding into them, and if he can get help on the offensive line, seemingly the Jets only weakness, this team would become even bigger contenders in the AFC East. 

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports