New York Jets Superstar Trolls Denver Broncos Head Coach


The NFL off-season has been a wild one thus far, and one fun storyline that no one expected to see was Denver Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton taking shots at the New York Jets, and with a Week 5 battle awaiting, it certainly spiced up a quiet portion of the year.

Now, after all seemed quiet, it appears one Jets superstar has decided to troll Payton, after his list of rules for pre-season came out, as Garrett Wilson intentionally or unintentionally did everything that he had banned for his team. 

There's a chance Wilson had no intention or thought of Payton when he did this, but on the surface, it looks like another hilarious troll, and with the Broncos game in Week 5, it's bound to be full of fireworks between two talented teams. 

PHoto Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports