New Details Emerge In The Saga Of The 2023 Las Vegas Raiders


The Las Vegas Raiders tenure under Josh McDaniels was an absolute disaster, with the team officially parting ways with McDaniels and former GM Dave Zeigler through just 25 games in which they posted a 6-19 record, and now, surprising new details have emerged.

Reportedly, Zeigler felt that tying the team to Jimmy Garoppolo was a dreadful idea, but McDaniels, who comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree with links to Jimmy G insisted it was the best move, and ultimately, he got his way.

Now we already know that it ended up being a dreadful move, as their offence couldn't score more than 20 points a game in eight tries this year, but it's this type of arrogance from McDaniels that makes him one of the biggest Head Coach failures (alongside several other former Patriots) in the modern day, so it's no surprise that this group fell apart so quickly.

Photo Credit: Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports