Buccaneers Rumors: 3 Possible Landing Spots for Chris Godwin

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin has been picking up a lot of steam in the rumor mill. The expectation is that they will at least hear offers for him during this offseason. As a result of this, let's discuss three specific teams who could look to acquire him from here. 

New England Patriots: The New England Patriots certainly could be in the mix for a player like Godwin. It is not a secret that the Pats are looking to add to the wide receiver position, as it is an area of weakness. Along with that, they are expected ot draft a QB, and he will need solid targets to throw to like Godwin. 

Baltimore Ravens: The Baltimore Ravens are also looking to add another wide receiver to their roster before the start of the season. Because of this, it is easy to believe that they will at least consider making a push for Godwin. He would give them the kind of boost that they need right now. 

Arizona Cardinals: The Arizona Cardinals are another team to watch when it comes to Godwin. It is not a secret that they want to improve their roster, and a player like Godwin would have the potential to do just that. 

photo credit: © Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports