NFL Trade Rumors: NFLPA Proposing Drastic Changes to Offseason Schedule

The NFL calendar could soon look very different if the NFLPA has its way. According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, the Players Association is finalizing a proposal that would limit spring voluntary workouts and organized team activities in favor of a lengthier ramp-up to training camp.

Theoretically, the proposal would allow players more freedom and independence following the end of the season. Depending on whether or not they have a lengthy postseason run, players could expect to be free from in-person obligations at team facilities for as much as four months.

The upsides for players are significant. That amount of consecutive time off could allow for greater recovery and maintenance, not to mention better quality of life. It could also provide a much-needed break if the NFL eventually pushes to extend the regular season to 18 games.

Naturally, there are ramifications to consider. Not every player benefits from less supervision, and incoming young players could suffer without the help and direction of coaches. More experienced, wealthier veteran players who can afford to pay for their own trainers and coaches independently of the team structure could increase their advantages.

Beyond that, a busier summer schedule doesn't benefit everyone. Many players (not to mention coaches, front office personnel, and media members) may want more flexibility in June and July when school is out and the weather is more palatable all across the nation.

Still, the NFLPA has certainly considered these possibilities, and if they deem the costs worth the benefits, their proposal is likely worth considering, especially if it can protect the health of players. Unfortunately for them, the NFL seldom gives without taking. The NFL may very well ask for something in return from the players.

Photo Credit: © Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports