NFL Trade Rumors: Steelers & 49ers Talking Trade

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to strengthen their offense before the start of the regular season. One specific area that they are looking to improve is their receiving, and they have been aggressively browsing the trade market because of it. 

Due to this, there are now rumblings that the Steelers are one of the current NFL teams looking to acquire San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel. 

Samuel has come up in the rumor mill for quite some time, and the Steelers are just the latest team to be connected to him. It is understandable that the Steelers are taking a look at him, as he is an impactful wide receiver when playing at his best. In addition, the Steelers need more offensive threats on their roster if they hope to go on a real run this season.

NFL insider Michael Lombardi recently shared that the Steelers and 49ers almost completed a deal centering around Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk at the draft. Now, as we are getting closer to the start of the regular season, Samuel is only continuing to be connected to the Steelers.

When noting that Samuel would significantly improve the Steelers’ offense, it is understandable that they still have him on their radar. We must now wait and see if the Steelers can successfully win the Deebo sweepstakes from here. On paper, the match looks excellent. 

photo credit: © Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports