Trade Rumor: Houston Texans Sending Deshaun Watson to Miami Dolphins

Reports are flying out on Wednesday as word is the Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins are closing in on a deal that will see quarterback Deshaun Watson traded to the Dolphins.

Watson has yet to play a snap for the Texans this season as he's currently being investigated for 22 sexual assault claims. There's also been criminal complaints against Watson made by 10 of the women.

Watson led the NFL in passing yards last season with 4,823 yards and threw a career-high 33 touchdowns. He's an upgrade on paper over Dolphins current quarterback Tua Tagovailoa who has struggled in his year and a half in the league after being the fifth overall pick in 2020. There's certainly more going from the Dolphins to the Texans in this deal as Houston had asked for at least six draft picks in previous trade talks.

The deal will certainly receive a ton of press and the Dolphins ownership and management group will have to handle the optics of the transaction as it's going to be tough to sell adding Watson. Although the lawsuits are ongoing at the moment, the veteran quarterback would be eligible to play immediately. At 26 years old, Watson still could have a bright future in Florida. That's of course if he does end up getting a chance to play a snap.

Photo credit:  Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports