NFL Rumors: Bucs Head Coach Calls 'Bulls***' On Certain Tom Brady Rumors

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians is upset over some of the headlines making news these days. More specifically, the ones about him having beef with quarterback Tom Brady and the two having some serious tension which played a factor in Brady retiring.

Arians didn't hold back when recently asked about it in the media and had this to say to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times:

It seems like there's one (story) every day now. Everybody is speculating he's going somewhere else. That don't bother me. This other bullshit, the relationship thing, that's so far-fetched. I mean, that's such bullshit. That's what pisses me off. I guess probably Byron could corroborate this, too. First of all, I don't rehab my Achilles in the morning. I will go over the game plans and add things, but I don't delete anything. I don't have to because they do such a good job. I'll see some things. Add some things. It's an awesome collaboration, one of the best I've ever been around

Arians was responding to the rumors running wild on Twitter regarding pushing Brady out the door. Take a look:

Arians and Brady spent two seasons together, won Super Bowl LV in 2021 and the 44-year-old legend led the NFL in passing yards his final season. At this point all the retirement talk has been about family commitments and nothing in regards to Arians. Good on the coach for slamming the BS rumors.

Photo credit:  Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports