Packers' Aaron Rodgers Provides Update on NFL Future

Welcome to a world of uncertainty. The Green Bay Packers are currently dead smack in the middle of it as quarterback Aaron Rodgers appears to be in limbo about his future with the franchise.

Rodgers was recently a guest on the Pat McAfee Show and commented on his future and confirmed he has yet to make a decision either way. He did however complete a 12-day cleanse which he posted on Instagram and boy oh boy, that caused quite the stir.

So did his recent post of a photo of wide outs Randall Cobb and Davante Adams with a space in between the two receivers. Take a look:

Rodgers didn't shy away from the post and had this to say about the message behind it: 

When I got that photo from Randall and Davante, it brought tears to my eyes because that's my guys standing before the game. (It's) a statement about friendship and love and the connection that we have collectively and individually in our friendships

While Rodgers takes to social media to put some fuel on the fire, word is the Packers are open to extending the QB so they can lower his $46.7 cap hit for the 2022 season. The team is projected to be $48.5 million over the salary cap next season. All Rodgers has confirmed to this point is the fact his body feels good and he wants to play.

Photo credit:   Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK