Baker Mayfield Won't Travel with Browns on Deshaun Watson's "Treat" Trip to Bahamas


The quarterback drama continues in Cleveland. Last week, Deshaun Watson announced he will be treating his offensive teammates to a trip to the Bahamas as a "team-building" exercise. Watson said the trip will give his teammates bonding opportunities and the chance to do some on-field work. Watson has not only paid for all accommodations, but he has also secured a field in the vacation area for his team's practising needs. Clearly, money is no object for the Browns new $230 million man.

Not everyone likes Watson's attempts to bond with his new team. Cleveland Browns now-backup quarterback Baker Mayfield told media yesterday that he does not plan on making the trip. This comes as no surprise. The longtime Browns quarterback has been vocal in his distaste for Deshaun Watson and the manner in which the Browns went about acquiring him. 

Despite all talk about Watson becoming Cleveland's number one quarterback, there's still a good chance Mayfield sees ample starting time this season. The NFL is yet to make its decision regarding whether or not to suspend Deshaun Watson based on his sexual misconduct allegations. If Roger Goodell decides Watson deserves hefty punishment, Mayfield could start six or more games for the Browns in 2022.