Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow on Baker Mayfield: "He balls... he'll land on his feet"


Joe Burrow established himself as one of the NFL's best quarterbacks last season. The 25-year-old sophomore threw a total of 4,611 yards in the regular season, while also racking up 70.4% completion rate. He led his underdog Cincinnati Bengals to the SuperBowl, taking down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs along the way. Over four playoff games, he threw 1,105 yards and five touchdowns. His passer rating was 97.3. 

Talent respects talent, and things are no different between Joe Burrow and Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. In a recent appearance on NELK's "FULL SEND" podcast, Burrow opened up about football experiences last season and his opinions on certain NFL superstars. 

When asked his opinion on the Cleveland Browns ongoing quarterback drama, Burrow took a respectful middle ground. He acknowledged that the Browns felt a need to sure up their number one quarterback spot, as Baker Mayfield suffered with injury and subpar performance throughout 2021. However, he tempered that statement by praising Mayfield's quarterback abilities. 

"Every time I play him---every time we play him---he balls," said Burrow. "First time we played him [on] Thursday night [in] week two of my rookie year... we lost like 30-34 or something. He balled. And then the next time we play him, I throw for 400 yards and he [completes] like 25 of 28 [passes] with five touchdowns."

"Baker will land on his feet," Burrow continued. "He's a really good player." 

 You can catch NELK's entire Joe Burrow interview below. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK