Shoulder Injury Could Complicate Drew Brees' Possible Return


Drew Brees may have teased an NFL return the other day, but that's going to be tough for the 43-year-old to pull off after sustaining a shoulder injury. Brees struggled with injury throughout his last two years in the big leagues, and he's been broadcasting for over a year. So where along the line did he tweak his shoulder? 

For context, here's his Tweet dropping hints about his future plans. Playing football is on the list, along with a senior golf tour and a pickeball tour. Is he being serious? It's anyone's guess. But all we can say with certainty is that Brees is a competitive individual and a return wouldn't be out of the question. 

Also, these NBC analysts on "Pro Football Talk" seem to think that Brees should be taken at his word. 

But Brees is now looking at a setback. The 13-time Pro-Bowler underwent surgery on his shoulder two weeks ago and could be looking at a hefty rehabilitation program. And age doesn't help either. Even if Brees were to return, he'd be at constant risk of re-injuring what will be a delicate throwing shoulder. 

Photo Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports