New Orleans Saints Attempt To Troll Division Rival

It's been quite well documented that a few years ago, the Atlanta Falcons blew a lead of 28-3 in the biggest possible game in the biggest possible moment, but still, five years later, people, and more notably, other NFL teams still take shots at the embarrassing loss. There have been memes made about the result ever since that fateful night, and although some people have moved on to other NFL related things to make jokes about, we've seen the second shot taken at Atlanta over this by an NFL team in 2022.

Firstly, it was the Los Angeles Chargers, who's 2022/23 schedule release video was heralded by all over the Internet, as they took shots at not only the Falcons, but the Browns, Jaguars and Colts too among others, and today, it's come out that the division rival New Orleans Saints have joined in on the trolling too. 

Some may say that this is unnecessary, old and taking a shot at the lowest hanging fruit, but after all, it's just a bit of harmless fun, and given that the Saints have to play Atlanta twice every season, it puts more pressure on the team to perform in those games, as the Falcons could do a little trolling of their own with a 2-0 record in 2022. Either way, this is a simple bit of fun to further ignite a fun rivalry in the NFC South, and whether or not Atlanta retaliate, it will hopefully add a bit more competitiveness to their matchups in 2022.

Photo Credit:  Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports