NFL Season Preview: Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers have been slowly building for a few years now, and after a breakout campaign from young QB Justin Herbert in 2021, combined with an influx of defensive talent this off-season, many expect a huge leap from them in 2022. The veterans on the defensive side of the ball are going to help immensely, and if this team can play to its full potential, there's a decent chance that we will see different LA teams in the Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons. 


The biggest positive of this Chargers squad is just how stacked both sides of the ball are, and after acquiring Khalil Mack to be the leader of this defence that also includes new recruit J.C. Jackson and Derwin James, this should be considered a top-5 roster in the NFL right now. With Justin Herbert at Quarterback and plenty of weapons, this team could arguably be the most talented team in the league, and if they don't get ahead of themselves, there's no team in the NFL that they can't beat.


While this team is talented, compared to the likes of Cincinnati, Kansas City, Buffalo and other AFC powerhouses, they lack chemistry and experience as a group, especially when it comes down to the nitty gritty in the postseason, and while that can be forged over the 2022 season, the other teams certainly have a head start. We saw from the Bengals a year ago that with pure talent, work ethic and a bit of luck, anyone can make a playoff run, and with such talent, there's a good chance that when the Chargers finally return to the postseason, they too can get on a hot streak.

Team MVP

This team and their whole future outlook as a franchise changed when Justin Herbert stepped into the league and looked like a star immediately, and this team will go as far as he can take them in big games late in the season. Herbert is good enough to be league MVP in a few years, and if he can cut down on the turnovers and start helping this team win when it matters most, he'll no doubt be the Los Angeles Chargers team MVP in 2022. 

Record Prediction 

The Chargers could be one of the league's best teams in 2022, but they also have a chance of slipping up with less experience than the rest, and if they lose a few games early, they may be in a very tough spot trying to catch up in the NFL's toughest division. After playing well yet struggling to make the playoffs in 2021, and as they grow together with an infusion of talent, this team should win 11 games in 2022 en route to one of the top Wild Card spots. 

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports