NFL Season Preview: Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals on paper have one of the best teams in the NFL, but discipline issues have arisen over the off-season that have cast serious doubts on their potential to compete in the 2022 NFL season in a very tough division. Kyler Murray is talented, but with his best receiver out to start the season and other issues on this squad, it's going to be a very interesting year, because if they can all stay healthy and together, this could be a very good team. 


The biggest positive for this Cardinals franchise is their offensive weapons, led by the suspended DeAndre Hopkins, Rondale Moore and recently acquired Hollywood Brown, and if they can all stay healthy and on the field around Kyler Murray, this air attack could be something to watch. The defence has potential and some good veteran pieces, but the offence is what will carry this team in 2022, and if they can be consistently good throughout the year and stay on the field, the Cardinals will get in, and win some shootouts in 2022.


The biggest negative around this team is the potential for dysfunction, as we've seen glimpses of that with Murray this off-season, as well as the suspension of Hopkins, which isn't going to help the team as they attempt to get off to a strong start in 2022. The defence is good without being great, and while this team has no glaring weakness, the personalities around the team may end up coming back to hurt them, and if one or two players miss any team, this is a team that could struggle. 

Team MVP

If the Cardinals are to make some noise in 2022, they'll need one man to step up and lead this team, and that's Kyler Murray, who's been great so far in his career, but has struggled to maintain his elite level of play throughout an entire season. For whatever reason, his play often drops off as the season goes on, but if he can focus throughout the year and work with what weapons he has until DeAndre Hopkins gets back, this could be a dark horse Super Bowl threat in the NFC, but if he can't manage that, this could be a very up and down team this year. 

Record Prediction

Many expect the Cardinals to be playoff contenders in 2022, but with a tough division that features more talented teams than them, it's going to be more of a struggle than they expect, and with a reliance on older names like Zach Ertz and JJ Watt, the potential for them to fall off is very strong. They'll be in contention for a playoff spot no doubt, but missing key players to begin the year may hurt them, and when all is said and done, we see this Cardinals squad coming in at third in the NFC West with just 8 victories on the season. 

Photo Credit: George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK
Photo Credit: George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK