NFL Season Preview: San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have been one of the NFC's best teams over the last decade, and even after being written off time and time again, they manage to find ways to win games and make the playoffs every single year. After NFC Championship game appearance in 2021, this team is ready to compete again, and despite being in a tough division with the best team in football, they should remain one of the NFC's best overall teams. 


The 49ers have elite talent in the positions that matter, with names like Deebo Samuel, George Kittle and Trent Williams leading the way, and because of this, they'll always be a team that's ready to make huge play on both sides of the ball. The Niners are a team that's become known for a stifling defence, and with Trey Lance and his dual threat talent at Quarterback, in 2022, this could make for a big play, thrilling team from all phases of the football game.


This team is very solid all around, and while Trey Lance may be a big positive too, his lack of experience may hurt the 49ers down the stretch, where they have already struggled to win big games in the not too distant past. We've seen young guys step up and make plays in the past before, so there's no reason why Lance can't do the same, but for a team that's lost so many big games in recent times, it's a big gamble on their part.

Team MVP

This team has so many candidates for team MVP in 2022, and if they all play like MVP's, a trip to the NFC Championship game is more than possible once again, but one man stands out as potentially having the best 2022 campaign of all. Nick Bosa has been great so far in his NFL career, and while the offence may shine with Lance at the helm, it's the defence that San Francisco live and die by, and if Bosa can play 17 games again in 2022, you're looking at a potential Defensive Player of the Year, and a 49ers team that could steal the NFC West crown from the Los Angeles Rams. 

Record Prediction

The 49ers are one of the hardest teams in the NFL to predict, as they could be unstoppable in games this year, while also struggling due to having a young QB at the helm, but with so much talent, it's hard to see any potential struggles lasting too long. This franchise has been so close over the past decade, and while 2022 might not be the year they finally take the next step and hoist the Lombardi, they'll be in contention yet again, with a regular season that will see them take home 10 wins and a Wild Card spot. 

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Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports