The Best Pro Bowl Candidate For Every AFC North Team in 2022


Year after year, the AFC North is one of the toughest divisions in the NFL, boasting a heated rivalry and four of the most competitive teams in the entire AFC. This year should be no different, as all four teams will. be heavily vying for a playoff spot, and with that, plenty of Pro Bowl candidates in all three phases of the game. 

We may not see the Pro Bowl regulars of yesteryear in this very successful division, but in terms of Pro Bowl talent depth, the division is as good now as it has been at any point throughout NFL history. Not all of these players may live up to their very lofty expectations, but if they can all remain healthy throughout 2022, these are the players in the AFC North that will represent their respective teams in the Pro Bowl. 

Pittsburgh Steelers - TJ Watt

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a long history of fantastic defensive forces, and while TJ Watt hasn't amassed that type of legacy yet, he's well on his way after securing his first Defensive Player of the Year award in 2021. At just 27 years of age, the younger Watt brother has plenty of growing to do, and after tying the all-time single season sack total in 2021, that should be a very scary proposition for opposing offences. 

There's some good stars that Watt will need to compete with to earn himself a Pro Bowl berth, but if he can come even close to his 2021 sack total (which he reached despite missing two games), the spot is most certainly his. Conversation will arise in the future about who is the greatest Watt brother, and while TJ may be behind right now, a few more Pro Bowls will make the conversation a lot more fun. 

Baltimore Ravens - Justin Tucker

The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball, and while superstar tight end Mark Andrews and electric Quarterback Lamar Jackson both have a good shot at the Pro Bowl, it's Justin Tucker with the best odds in 2022. The 5-time Pro Bowl kicker further cements his place among the elite kickers in NFL history by the year, and at this point, Tucker may be as close to a Pro Bowl guarantee as there ever has been in NFL history. 

Tucker has been automatic for quite some time now, as he is the most accurate kicker in NFL history at 91.1%, and with this high powered Ravens offence, he's putting up points at an amazing rate. The Ravens may not be a dominant force in 2022, but given they elite talents that they have, they'll be in a playoff race, and it's very likely that they'll be fielding multiple Pro Bowl names in 2022. 

Cleveland Browns - Nick Chubb

There are only a handful of top level running backs in the NFL right now, and up there with the best of the best is the often underrated and overlooked Nick Chubb. Over the past few years, Chubb has averaged well over 1,000 yards per season, adding 28 Touchdown's since 2019, and after four years in the league, he just looks to be getting better and better.

The Browns figured to be a big time Super Bowl contender in 2022, but with an 11-game suspension for their starting Quarterback, this puts a lot more pressure and responsibility on Chubb's shoulders. He often thrives with such a workload, and alongside Derrick Henry, there seems to be no better options than the skilled Chubb for a Pro Bowl spot on the AFC side in 2022. 

Cincinnati Bengals - Ja'Marr Chase

In his rookie campaign of 2021, Ja'Marr Chase, reunited with his college Quarterback Joe Burrow, put up numbers that drew comparisons to a young Randy Moss, and anytime that happens, you know you've done something exceedingly well. After a shock Super Bowl run, the Bengals may take a step back as a team, but as an individual, it feels like there is really no limit on the potential of Ja'Marr Chase.

It's best not to get ahead of ourselves after a breakout rookie campaign, but all the signs are there for Chase to have a very long and successful career if he can stay healthy. Now that the attention is all on Ja'Marr, his individual production may take a hit, but even with a loss of yards, receptions and Touchdowns, he'll still be one of the best young receivers in the NFL. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK
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