Browns Star Involved In Car Accident

After a quiet Monday practice following their Week 3 win, the Browns received some terrible news, as star defender Myles Garrett has reportedly been involved in a one-car accident, shortly after leaving the facility. According to reports, Garrett suffered several injuries, none of which are life threatening, so while the worst scenario possible for Garrett and his family has been avoided, it's currently unclear just how bad the injuries could be.

Garrett was rushed immediately to hospital, and at this point, it's a very scary situation, that hopefully can have a good outcome, which would see No. 95 back on the field at some point soon, without any serious injury.

Unfortunately, things like this can happen to absolutely anyone, but today, it happened to one of the biggest stars in the NFL, and at this point, all anyone, Browns fans or otherwise can do is hope and pray that Garrett will be okay, and back to doing what he does best at some time in 2022.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK