Deadline Seemingly Set Between Lamar Jackson and Ravens On Contract Talk

This off-season, we've seen a few massive Quarterback contracts handed out, with both Kyler Murray and Deshaun Watson not only getting paid handsomely, but getting paid a lot of guaranteed money. It's tough to say what the hold up is between the Baltimore Ravens and their superstar QB Lamar Jackson, but some speculation is that Jackson would like guaranteed money to be similar to these two, and in Ravens fashion, they're holding their ground on not wanting to give that out. 

It's tough to fault either side, as the market dictates this is where QB contracts are headed, but given the injury risk of a QB who's success comes primarily from his legs and being outside of the pocket where he will have to absorb hits, it makes sense that Baltimore is hesitant.

Until now, we didn't know where the contract talks were ahead of Week 1 of the 2022/23 NFL campaign, but speaking to reporters today, Jackson confirmed that talks are still ongoing, and gave a deadline of this Friday as to when he'd like a deal done by. It will be very interesting to see if the two sides can get a deal done before the season begins, and will be even more intriguing as to how the two sides go about the campaign if it becomes clear that Jackson won't be back beyond this season.

Ultimately, both sides and their perspectives can be understood, but right now, it's looking like the Ravens and Lamar Jackson may head into the 2022 NFL campaign without a long awaited contract extension in place. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports