Predicting the AFC East Standings In 2022

The AFC East is going to be one of the most fun divisions in all of football in 2022, and while there's certainly one team that's clearly about the rest, the other 3 teams all provide intriguing outlooks on the year, with each potentially gearing up for a playoff run. Each team has a young QB ready to prove themselves at different levels, and in a very tough AFC, this is going to be great to watch, but how exactly will the standings pan out in 2022?

4. New England Patriots

This is a big change from a team that has absolutely dominated the AFC East for the past decade, but after making no big moves in the off-season and reports of a heavily struggling offence, this may be a down year for the New England Patriots. They've still got Bill Belichik, so they may once again silence all of the doubters, but unless Mac Jones can take a huge leap and become a game winner, with so many tough games on the schedule and an underwhelming roster, fourth place sounds right for the 2022 Patriots team. 

3. New York Jets

The New York Jets are one of the most overlooked teams in the NFL, and when you've struggled as much as they have for the past decade, it makes sense, but the young core they have built over the past two seasons have the potential to break out and make this a very fun team to watch. If Zach Wilson can begin to fulfil the potential he's shown, this team can make genuine noise for a Wild Card spot in 2022, but realistically, a 6-7 win pace for the Jets this season will be great progress as their young core looks to grow together. 

2. Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins, armed with an already fantastic defence and a promising young QB made a splash this off-season when they made a deal to bring in Tyreek Hill, and pairing him with Jaylen Waddle gives this offence unlimited potential. All of that comes down to how third year QB Tua Tagovailoa progresses, but if he can improve upon the positives from a year ago, this team should be very tough to beat, and will easily battle it out for a Wild Card spot in 2022. 

1. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are one of the deepest and scariest teams in the entire NFL, and with the MVP front runner Josh Allen leading the way, this team should dominate the AFC East, potentially on the way to the No. 1 seed in the entire AFC. Both sides of the ball are absolutely loaded with talent, and if they can stay healthy, there's no reason why this team couldn't win the Super Bowl, as we've seen them grow over the last few years into a genuine contender. Here's hoping for the sake of Bills fans that a coin toss doesn't stand between them and the big dance again. 

Photo Credit: Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK
Photo Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports