Ranking The Top 5 QB's In The NFL Ahead Of The 2022 Season

The Quarterback position in the NFL today has to be as stacked as it has at any point in NFL history, with several veterans still getting it done, while a whole new wave of young, amazing talent is coming through to make their own mark on the league. The league nowadays has become much more catered towards QB's, especially those with big arms and dual threat abilities, and while that may be the norm, there are many ways to get it done at the NFL level in 2022.

This is now a QB driven league, and without a star under centre, it's very hard to get it done in 2022 and make a deep run through the playoffs, but of all these veterans and up and coming names, who stands out as the best of the best? Let's find out.

5. Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert broke onto the scene in 2020 as a rookie out of Oregon, and in 2021, took an even bigger step forward, to the point where many expect the Chargers to be Super Bowl contenders in 2022 on the back of his brilliant play. Herbert has had an amazing start to his career, and if he can improve at all in the upcoming NFL season, there's no reason why he can't be in the MVP conversation, as his combination of arm talent, athleticism and straight up confidence make him one of the most must-see players in the league in 2022.

4. Tom Brady

By this point, it's hard to dispute that Tom Brady is the NFL's GOAT, and after coming out of retirement again, there's no logical reason to doubt TB12, as year after year, despite his ageing that now sees him at 45-years old, he continues to impress. With some amazing weapons in Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers are yet again seen as Super Bowl contenders in the NFC, and if Brady can be as good as he has been over the past few years as he continues to defy logic, it wouldn't surprise anyone to see him again pop up in the MVP conversation. 

3. Josh Allen

When Josh Allen was drafted by the Bills in 2018, he was seen as a project QB, who was more of an athlete than a Quarterback, but since that point, Buffalo has done everything humanly possible to help the former Wyoming stud become a star QB in the NFL, and that's paid off handsomely. Few players in league history have proven to be as exciting and dominant as Allen has been over the past few years, and with Buffalo expected to make a Super Bowl run in 2022, No. 17 is the favourite for many to win his first MVP award. 

2. Patrick Mahomes

From the time Patrick Mahomes made his career debut in Kansas City, it's been clear that there's something different about him, and after a 4 year career that's never seen him have a bad game (by QBR), it's safe to say that he is the present and the future of the NFL. The Chiefs have won a Super Bowl already during his tenure, and after an MVP and a historic contract, Kansas City have found themselves a star, and even after losing Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs still have the weapons that will help Mahomes to another incredible year. 

1. Aaron Rodgers

While many count Rodgers out year after year, whether it be for his off the field opinions that turn many people off, or whether it be his lack of playoff success, there's no disputing that in the regular season, the back-to-back MVP is on another level entirely. Without a top wide receiver after Davante Adams was traded this off-season, the numbers may certainly come back down to earth, but when it comes to pure ability as a Quarterback, there are few players in NFL history that can match No. 12 of the Green Bay Packers.

Photo Credit: Wm. Glasheen / USA TODAY NETWORK