Two Fines Handed Out For Saints-Buccaneers Scuffle In Week 2

The NFL had almost too many headlines to handle after an exciting Week 2 of action, with the three massive comebacks, huge shootouts and big numbers being put up, but the one which resulted in a suspension was perhaps the biggest of all, with the Saints and the Buccaneers in yet another scuffle involving Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans.

Those two men were subsequently ejected from the game which the Buccaneers would go on to win, and following the game, it was announced that Evans would receive a one-game suspension for his actions, in standing up for his Quarterback, Tom Brady. It seemed that this would be the end of the punishments, as we are just a day away from both teams moving on to Week 3, but today, the NFL announced a few fines from the scuffle.

Lattimore and Tampa Bay running back Leonard Fournette were both charged $13, 367 for their roles in the melee, and while it doesn't seem like a lot of money to these NFL players, it's something that they won't want to continue doing in the future.

Photo Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports