Veteran Offensive Lineman Works Out With Chicago

Kelechi Osemele is one of the most underrated offensive lineman of this past generation, and although he's been quite injury prone at points throughout his career, when he's on the field, he can get it done at a very high level. The former Raven, Raider, Jet and Chief spend his 9 year career all over the NFL, accumulating one First-Team All-Pro nomination, as well as two Pro-Bowl selections, but after being injured with Kansas City in 2020, we haven't heard much about him.

Until today however, as Ian Rapoport reports that he has had a workout with the Chicago Bears, who are desperate for help in every department as the team attempts to get a read on whether young Quarterback Justin Fields is the future of this organization or not.

This isn't a year where the Bears are going to be contending, but more of a chance for evaluation, and if Osemele can help with that by signing a one year deal, that helps Chicago quite a lot. Ultimately, it's not known whether Kelechi will be back in the NFL in 2022, but after some brutal injuries, it would be good to see him back on the field doing his thing.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports