NFL Bettors Don't Believe In 2022 AFC Playoff Team... At All

The NFL is a very quick business, and one year you can be the best team in the league, next you can struggle to make the playoffs due to the competitive nature of the league, trades, free agency, injury and so many other factors. If you listen to bettors at Caesars, in 2022, that fall is going to occur to the Tennessee Titans, as there are several areas that fans are heavily favouring the Titans to feature in, somehow including having the worst record in the NFL.

The Titans traded away AJ Brown, and beyond that, didn't make any major moves, but with the improvement of AFC teams like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Denver just to name a few, it's clear that Tennessee won't be as good as they were in 2021. The bettors may be exaggerating a little however, as the Titans have the fifth most money put on them to have the worst record in the NFL, least money bet on to win the AFC South (yes, that AFC South), and most money to miss the playoffs.

Sure, the bettors don't know everything, but given how good they were ago, it's such a shock to see so many people betting against the Titans, even if they've gotten worse in a tough conference. Ultimately, the team still has the ability to compete for a playoff spot, given two of the worst teams in the NFL are in the AFC South, but after so much player movement, it's not crazy to believe that this team takes a step back in 2022.

Photo Credit: George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK