Broncos Receiver In Disbelief After Thursday Night Football Loss

The 12-9 overtime victory by the Indianapolis Colts over the Denver Broncos is rightfully being clowned all over social media, as it was one of the worst games in recent NFL memory, with plenty of Broncos fans leaving the game before OT even began. Those that stayed were ultimately disappointed, as the final play of the game saw Denver's $250 million man miss a simple read that could have helped them to 3-2, and that fact didn't escape the receiver on the play, KJ Hamler, who said after the game, "I could have walked that in."

Watching the replay will be tough for Broncos fans, as it was clear that Hamler was wide open for a Touchdown that would have sealed the game, but unfortunately, now the questions about Nathaniel Hackett and Russell Wilson grow louder.

Speaking of Hackett, after the game, Hamler revealed that he didn't even hear any of his post-game speech, as he remained on the field to process what had happened, and with all the rumours of unrest in the Broncos locker room, this certainly isn't a good sign. It might be nothing, but with the offensive struggles and the result of this game, it's hard not to see players like Hamler, Sutton and Jeudy growing increasingly frustrated over the next few weeks, so the Broncos have a very hard road ahead of them.

Photo Credit:  Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports