Cardinals To Debut Alternate Black Uniform In Week 5

Many teams around the NFL have been experimenting with new uniforms in 2022, and the latest team to do it will be the Arizona Cardinals, as they will be debuting their black alternate jersey/helmet combination for their key matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. While the jersey isn't too dissimilar from their current setup, it's the helmet that really shines, as the red Cardinal stands out well, and if the team were to use this more often, it's certain to become a fan favourite.

The uniform has no impact on what happens on the field, but it certainly looks great, and after seeing teams like the Bengals embrace different colour schemes, it's great to see other teams out there have some fun with their look and try unique ideas and designs.

Arizona are currently sitting at 2-2, as is every team in the NFC West, and if they can upset the currently undefeated Eagles in Week 5, it would go a long way to a playoff push in 2022, and with reinforcements likely to come soon, this could be a big boost to their season. Either way, the uniform won't effect the outcome, but if they can get a win with it, the fans would certainly go that much closer to embracing the new look.

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports