Buccaneers QB Returns To Practice On Thursday

There's been plenty of talk around Tom Brady lately, and unfortunately, not a whole lot of it has been relating to his performances on the field, but yesterday, news came out that TB12 had missed practice and was dealing with a right shoulder and right ring finger injury, both of which can be detrimental to a Quarterback and his potential success. Thankfully for Buccaneers fans, it appears everything is going to be good enough for the GOAT to be on the field Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, as the team look to get back in the win column and climb above .500 on the season.

Brady hasn't been his usual self so far in 2022, but with the age, injuries to key weapons on the offensive side of the ball and off-field distractions, it makes sense, but coming into Week 5, Tampa Bay need vintage Brady to show up, and it wouldn't surprise anyone if he did.

The team may have gone down in Week 4, but Brady looked similar to the TB12 we've seen in the past, and according to Tom, his shoulder feels great, so it looks like once again, Brady will avoid a serious injury and not miss game time, something he's rarely done over his 23 year career. 

Photo Credit:  Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports