Bucs Quarterback Puts an End to Retirement Rumors

The GOAT isn't going anywhere. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady squashed rumors of a mid-season retirement at a Thursday presser, playfully assuring reporters he had no plans to step away from the game any time soon. Brady's statement was lighthearted and off the cuff, but it hinted at a commitment that could perhaps extend past this year. After reneging on a brief retirement earlier this offseason, many expected Brady would play out the 2022 season and then ride off into the sunset. Maybe that won't be the case.

It speaks to the absurd standard that Brady has set that this year's 3-3 start with the Bucs has set off so many alarm bells. In his age-45 season, the seven-time Super Bowl champion ranks fifth in passing yards with 1652, seventh in passer rating at 95.1, and sports the league's best interception rate at 0.4%. Should the Bucs get a little healthier at wide receiver or see any improvement at all from their offensive line and league-worst run game (32nd in yards and yards per attempt), they'll be just fine.
Brady joined the Buccaneers in 2020 after an incredible 20-year run with the New England Patriots that included six Super Bowls championships and countless unthinkable records. He picked up right where he left off when he arrived in Tampa Bay, immediately leading the team to their first playoff appearance in over a decade and delivering them their second Super Bowl.
Photo Credit: © Michael Longo/For USA Today Network / USA TODAY NETWORK