New Report Details Commanders' Toxic Ownership Situation

The Washington Commanders were once one of the league's most successful and esteemed franchises, winning three total Super Bowls in the 80s and 90s under head coach Joe Gibbs and owner Jack Kent Cooke. However, since Daniel Snyder bought the team in 1999, the team has been marred by scandal and failure. The calls for Snyder's ousting have grown deafening, but the league remains hesitant to force a divorce. A new story from ESPN details why: Writers Don Van Vatta Jr., Seth Wickersham, and Tisha Thompson paint a picture of Snyder as a paranoid, vengeful despot willing to destroy the NFL should he feel attacked or betrayed. Apparently, Snyder has gathered dossiers on his fellow owners and is prepared to expose his supposed peers should they rise against him.

A little bit of blackmail can go a long way. A 24 of 32 owner majority would be required to force Snyder out, so he only needs a handful of allies to protect himself indefinitely. Even should a vote against him come to pass, the story claims Snyder would fight tooth and nail to hold onto his asset.
The Commanders have been beset by an endless series of disgraces in recent years, from drug abuse to sexual harassment to failed stadium proposals. Snyder has found himself at the center of unwanted attention repeatedly, but he remains stubbornly committed to the team.

If Snyder is really the victim of a campaign to force the sale of the team, his opponents are doing an incredible job. It's hard to imagine what else could come out against the Commanders at this point. If Snyder can continue to endure the heat, the NFL will likely be obligated to grit their teeth and continue enabling and defending the league's least popular owner. Or risk mutually-assured destruction.
Photo Credit: © Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports