NFL Rumors: Bills To Pursue One Of Two Running Backs At Trade Deadline

The Buffalo Bills have one of the most stacked teams in the entire NFL, but there's one position that they are notably weak at, and after not addressing the position in the off-season, it's becoming crucial that they do so at the deadline in 2022 if they want to make a run at the Super Bowl. With Christian McCaffrey off the board, there are several different directions that Buffalo could go, and while the Saints Alvin Kamara is an option (albeit an unlikely one), the Bills should look in the direction of two cheaper options.

That's reportedly what they are doing, as according to reports, the team has looked into the possibility of adding either The Los Angeles Rams' Cam Akers, or Kareem Hunt from the Cleveland Browns, and either would be great additions to this team.

Sure, neither can be starting running backs in the league right now, but they'd add depth and experience to an already talented roster that's looking to help Buffalo win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. There's other options out there for sure, but it looks like the Bills have narrowed down their favourite targets, and now, we will just have to wait and see how it plays out over the next week.