Dolphins Acquire Star Linebacker

Bradley Chubb was almost a certainty to be traded by the Denver Broncos if they lost this past weekend to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but as he is a pending free agent, despite the win, Denver decided that the future draft capital would be more important to this team, as they have struggled to string together any momentum thus far in 2022.

So, just hours away from the trade deadline, they have dealt the star pass rusher to the Miami Dolphins for a first and a fourth round pick, as well as running back Chase Edmunds, who will certainly help their backfield. For Miami, this is a huge boost to the defence that has missed two star cornerbacks already in 2022, as well as boasting the most dangerous offence in the league, and could help them contend in the AFC immediately in 2022.

The team is expected to work out a long term deal with the star pass rusher, but for now, Miami add a 26-year old with 28 career sacks, and if they can get healthy around him on the defence, this could be a very scary team in the AFC come playoff time. 

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports